Can I get reimbursed for my dental or optical claims?

Yes, you can get reimbursed. You would need to send a detail receipt which would include the Date of Service, Name of Patient and the Codes/Description of the procedures done. For Optical you can get up to $100 reimbursed, but for Dental it depends on the In-Network fee schedule amount. Please mail these claims to […]

How can I get a Dental and/or Optical card?

There are no cards for your dental or optical coverage. The provider would have to contact C&R consulting at (212) 869-5986 or (212) 366-9339 for the breakdown of dental benefits using policy holder’s social security number. For the optical the provider would contact GVS or CPS.

What insurance do I have for Vision?

General Vision Services GVS #: 800-847-4661 Website: Comprehensive Professional System (CPS) #: 212-675-5745 Website: